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Think of your website as Online Public Relations

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People use the internet as an investigative tool.


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Hodoorgan Design, Inc., Affordable & Creative Marketing & Web Design

What to Include in Your Website

Statistics show that you have about five seconds to capture someone's attention when they visit your web site. Does your site convince them to stay, or do they leave your site looking for another vendor?  Websites, by their very nature, are often an important step in the buying process. It’s critical to get your prospective customers to the information they are looking for quickly and easily if they are going to remain prospective clients and eventually evolve into customers. 

It is essential for businesses to 1) build a website that creates a positive impression with appealing visuals and valuable content, 2) drive as many potential clients to that website as possible, and 3) inspire them to engage your firm and become a loyal client for years to come.

You should not be promoting a website that does not have relevant customer information. Just having an Internet listing after your business name is not enough. Despite what you think, people actually use the Internet as an investigative tool.  The truly savvy businessperson understands that the internet medium, is critical to their business' survival. Your competition will be using this tool to enhance their business and get an edge on you. Business today is more competitive than ever and you need every tool available to remain on the playing field.

The design of your website should support the message that you want communicated to your target customers. While it is vital to first consider the content and organization of your website, it is also important to create the right visual image. A well-designed website communicates a sense of professionalism, success, and attention-to-detail.

Create a list of content. Brainstorm content that needs to be created for the site. Try to plan for the future and how the site content might need to grow as this will inevitably happen. Next, group your content into categories. Once your categories are established, create an outline of your content and review it with your target audience for accuracy.

Why is your logo important? Your home page? They’re the first things potential customers see when they search out your business. That’s why you want a design that captures your message and captivates your audience, one that speaks for your business and to your client base.

While it is important for a site to be visually attractive and have ‘WOW’ factor, we never lose sight of things such as ease of use and intuitive content. Your presence on the World Wide Web is a direct reflection of your company, so you have to put your best foot forward. We maximize the look and feel of your company’s identity. We incorporate sound design principles that focus on ease of navigation, web site usability guidelines and smart, clean content layout.

At Hodoorgan Web Design we believe that promoting your business will naturally result in promoting our own business, therefore critical care is taken to assure that each and every website design we develop reflects the products and services of the company to the fullest extent possible resulting in increased business for you on the internet.


Hodoorgan Design Offers Affordable and Creative Small and New Business Marketing.  Web Design, Web Redesign, Web Hosting, Logo Design and Creative Print Marketing Materials.  Print marketing materials include, but are not limited to:  Business Cards, Brochures, Calendars, Premium Pens, Folders, Postcards, Car Door Magnets, Business Card &  Calendar Magnets, Stationery & Envelopes, Window Decals.  Contact us for a free consultation today!   Serving the Chicago Land area as well as anywhere in the world!

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